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About Mary

Mary English

Mary was born in London and educated at the International School of Zurich in Switzerland. She trained in homeopathy after witnessing the dramatic recovery of her baby son's health. One dose of Aconite 6c stopped a night-time croup attack in its tracks.
In 1996 she enrolled with the College of Homeopathy, Regent’s Park, London, then in 1998 transferred to The School of Homeopathy, Devon where she gained anatomy & physiology and pathology & disease for Alternative Practitioners.
In 2001 she was awarded a Diploma in Homeopathy from The School of Homeopathy and runs her vibrant private practice in Bath, where she lives.
Mary trained in Professional Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis and was awarded a Certificate in July 2015.
She is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (and is the Local Support Co-ordinator for the Somerset Bath branch), the Astrological Association of Great Britain and the Society of Authors.
She is the author of 14 Astrology books, 12 published by O-Books & Dodona Books and two are self-published with Amazon and Smashwords.
Her 15th book is called A Little at a Time, Homeopathy for You and Those You Love and was published by Ayni books in November 2015.
She is the founder of The Bath Writers Group (non-fiction).
She is a reformed Pisces.


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