Bringing Heaven To Earth

People have paid attention to the movement of the planets and the path of the Sun since human life began. Astrology was developed by the Babylonians over 2,000 years ago. Today is it used as a form of psychology, to help determine favourable dates for events and/or on a more personal level to find out compatibility between people.
I have been broadcasting a Learn Astrology with Mary Podcast for more than two years. You can join me here AstroMaryPodcast
I offer a number of different Astrology sessions depending on your needs.
Book Your Astrology Basic Silver Level 60 mins £60

If you need a more In Depth Reading book a 90 min session
Book Your Astrology in Depth Gold Level 90 mins £70

I also offer Psychic Readings that include Palmistry, Astrology and Cards.
Thanks so much Mary! I'm really excited to sit down, listen and take notes. I left feeling very affirmed on my path and with lots of insights. I'm glad I had an hour and a half - I could have gone on all morning!! 
I'll be recommending you to friends. Txxx

Book Your Psychic Reading Palmistry, Astrology & Cards 90 mins £70

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